Samstag, 31. März 2012

Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa March 30 2012

"... The future is golden and is in fact a Golden Age, and that fact alone should give you an indication of what to look forward to. Living in perfection and having the ability to create at will, will be a new experience and by then you should have acquired a higher level of consciousness and understanding that will prevent misuse of your powers. As you can see, a great leap forward is to occur and to say the least you will be absolutely different to what you are now. An extended life period of your choosing will be something new, and gives you more than ample time to fully experience it. In fact you will be able to literally "swap" bodies if it is necessary to ensure completion. These are all areas that you will eventually understand, and remember that you will have a greatly enhanced degree of consciousness. ..."

Pleiadian Message 2012 - A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light

Wiener Blut Johann Strauss

Ein Kranz von schönen Wienbildern zu den unvergänglichen Melodien von Johann Strauss *** Beautiful pictures of Vienna accompanied by the everlasting melodies of Johann Strauss.

Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

Cure all Illnesses in 3 minutes!!! Spread LOVE not HATE!!!


German - Galactic Federation by Mike Quinsey

German - Galactic Federation by Mike Quinsey:

Gerade habe ich eine gute deutsche Übersetzung gefunden, von der ich nun gleich einiges posten möchte:

"... Es muss die Bühne bereitet werden für die großen Veränderungen, die auf ihre Umsetzung warten, insbesondere, was die Position der Finanzen betrifft. Es ist unerlässlich, dass diese korrekt festgelegt und unter den vielen beteiligten Ländern koordiniert werden. Unsere Verbündeten sind sich dieser Notwendigkeiten bewusst, und gemeinsam mit ihnen sind wir hinsichtlich des Erfolgs zuversichtlich. Sobald die Finanzen und das Regierungswesen in Einklang mit eurer vorbestimmten Zukunft gebracht worden sind, wissen wir, dass die Grundlage dafür existiert, dass weitere noch verbliebene Veränderungen in Gang gesetzt werden können.

Die Tatsache, dass jetzt nach tausenden von Jahren endlich Frieden erreicht werden kann, wird einen dramatischen Wandel im Leben der Menschen bewirken, deren Aussichten sich plötzlich erhellen werden. Es wird sich die Erkenntnis durchsetzen, dass das Leben eigentlich eine glückvolle, erfreuliche und lohnende Sache sein sollte, und Einigkeit wird sich breitmachen, wie sie zuvor nie möglich gewesen wäre. Allmählich werden die Menschen die Einheit, das Einssein von Allem begreifen wie auch die Tatsache, dass Alles Teil einer größeren Gesamtheit ist. Die Unaufrichtigkeit von Überzeugungen hinsichtlich eines angeblichen „Separatismus“ und die vorsätzliche Verdrehung der Wahrheit hinsichtlich des Lebenssinns werden dann als nichts weiter als die Versuche der Dunkelwesen entlarvt werden, den Zustand der Spaltung zwischen den Völkern aufrechtzuerhalten. Der künftige Frieden wird all das ändern, und dann wird eine Welle der Erleichterung und der Freude über die Erde schwappen. Alte Differenzen werden ausgeräumt werden, und man wird erkennen, dass eine wunderbare Zukunft bevorsteht. Bis dahin werden die Menschen ausführlicher darüber informiert werden, worauf dieser Wandel hinausläuft, und sie werden Hilfe erhalten, den Prozess des Aufstiegs zu verstehen. ..."

Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa March 28 2012

"... Returning your freedom is paramount in our minds, and we will remove all those controls that have been used to keep you in your place. Those responsible will at some stage answer for their crimes against Humanity, so we ask you not to concern yourselves too much with what will happen to them. It is more important to concentrate on your own needs and preparation for Ascension. Live to your highest concept of one who is able to give Unconditional Love, spare judgment and instead generously show compassion. Do your best and you will master the ways of being the Master that you really are. ..."

Galactic Federation Of Light El Morya March 28 2012

Mittwoch, 28. März 2012

Galactic Federation Of Light Sheldan Nidle March 27 2012

"... The work of the Light has brought you to the moment when a great prosperity is to sweep through your societies. This prosperity heralds a series of governmental changes which will enact, among many things, the legal basis of your freedom and individual sovereignty, accompanied by an official proclamation of this. It is a historic moment. For the first time since you were permitted to enter limited consciousness, you are to be acknowledged as worthy Beings by your former 'masters.' At a stroke you become their equal, able to wield justice and appropriate retribution for their crimes against you and your ancestors. This time is when the present reality collapses and is transformed into a vehicle capable of conveying you back to the very threshold of full consciousness. Our responsibility is to take you from that doorway through to your final transformation, which will allow you to take your place once again among your many spiritual and space families. This will be a moment of long-awaited celebration for us all! ..."

Galactic Federation Of Light The Arcturian Group March 27 2012

"... See the Divine in others and remember who you and they are even if they themselves have no interest in knowing this. Do this for those you see on the newscasts, and in your newspapers, and as you go about your normal day. Recognize the Divine plan in everything around you. These small steps gradually change your state of consciousness and lead to the full awakening. It will not appear as a huge blast of energy that blows you into a new world without any effort on your part. One is not “saved” simply by declaring it so. You create the new world with every thought, word, and action lived in truth and understanding of whom and what is real. This is the spiritual journey. Yes, things on earth are speeding up now, and more and more opportunities are available for you to practice living each moment from a place of truth and centering, and that is how it is done.
   There will be changes you will soon see in your government and the governments of other countries. Many are going to be leaving and the more enlightened will be put in their place. ..."

Dienstag, 27. März 2012

Blog von

Blog von "Das wird ein Frühling und Sommer des Massenerwachens sein und wenn ihr wüsstet, welch unglaublich schöne Gegebenheiten dieses Jahr noch bringt, ihr würdet jubeln.
So sind wir, die Galaktische Föderation des Lichtes, bereits lange in Kontakt mit denen, die sich mächtig wähnen, aber wir sind auch in Kontakt mit denen, die immer noch Angst haben, vor dieser scheinbaren Macht.
   Bei allem was geschieht, bitte bleibt ruhig und in der Liebe, wir werden nichts von all dem zulassen, was eure Medien an Angstberichten veröffentlichen.
  Denn der Aufstieg Gaya´s verläuft in geordneten Bahnen und auf keinen Fall zu holprig, wie viele befürchten."

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Montag, 26. März 2012

Mike Quinsey - SaLuSa, March 26, 2012

Mike Quinsey - SaLuSa, March 26, 2012

"... You have an expression that "it is love that makes the world go around" and you do not realize how true it is. Indeed it is the lack of love that has torn your Earth apart and made you feel detached from your godself. Love energy is the most powerful one of all, and could change your circumstances in a flash if you were all able to come together in this way. Many of you have experienced what love can do, particularly where it is used to heal. It can transmute the lower vibrations, and that is why you are often asked to send love to those who are of the dark Cabal. ..."

Sonntag, 25. März 2012

“… Achieving peace after thousands of years of continual wars will cause a dramatic change in people's lives, and their outlook will suddenly brighten up. The realization will set in that life was meant to be happy, joyful and rewarding, and a unity will take place that would not have been possible previously. Slowly the people will come to understand the Oneness of everything and how it is all part of the whole. The falseness of beliefs in separatism and the deliberate distortion of the truth about the purpose of life, will be seen as no more than the attempts of the dark Ones to maintain a division amongst the people. The coming of peace will change all of that, and a wave of relief and joy will sweep across the Earth. Old differences will be set aside and it will be seen that a wonderful future lies ahead. By then people will have become more informed of what the changes were leading to, and helped to understand the process of Ascension. …”
Please use second link for the whole text, first does not work in the moment. 

Samstag, 24. März 2012

Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa March 21 2012

“… Much at present depends on the governmental changes that are being arranged. Naturally there will be opposition, but for those whose fate is decided there is no argument that will save them. We know the truth, and more importantly the motive behind their intentions. Bribery and corruption are rampant in some areas but that will be changed, and once it is we can go ahead by establishing the new Governments. Then and only then will you see the days for celebration become your reality, and peace quickly declared all over the world. At a stroke that will put your feet firmly on the path to Ascension, and no longer will your future be under threat. …”

Freitag, 23. März 2012

Der Zug des Lebens

Ich wünsche ALLEN, die IRGENDWO im Zug sitzen, eine gute Reise, nicht nur in meinem. Wenn die Reise einmal endet, bin ich nicht traurig, ich weiß, wir sind uns dann nur umso näher, wenn die körperlichen Begrenzungen wegfallen, und bald werden wir auch mit allen, die irgendwo im Universum sind, Verbindung haben können, wenn wir unser Bewusstsein endlich wieder auf einen höheren Stand gebracht haben. Mehrfach durfte ich in den letzten Wochen wieder diese Freude und diesen Frieden erleben von allen Nahestehenden, die hinüber gingen.  

Montag, 19. März 2012

"... One of these energy centers is what can be called the Sacred Heart. It has also known as the Magnetic Heart, the High Heart or the Seat of the Soul. Located behind the sternum in the area of your thymus gland, this energy center can open new doorways to Christed awareness. You can increase the frequencies in this chakra by consciously filling that area with Divine Love every day as a spiritual practice. Just imagine that this area contains a Sacred Vessel that you can fill with the Light of Divine Love as a pure elixir of God’s Grace, a Divine Substance. Not only does this empower connections to your intuitive knowing and creative awareness, but your physical being will also resonate with these heightened frequencies. You can create an inspiring image of a beautiful crystal chalice in the area of your High Heart. As you place your palms on your chest, and breathe into this area, a very simple prayer of invitation can be used, such as: “Divine Presence, with every breath I take, fill my Sacred Heart with Divine Love and Illuminate my heart with your Grace. Thank you.” ..."

Galactic Federation Of Light Hilarion March 18 2012

"... The waves of energy are increasing at an astounding rate and this is continuing to imprint every form of life on Earth; all is changing, all is transforming into a new reality – although it is confusing because both realities are in co-existence at this time – it will not continue much longer. The greater Light that is incoming is being assimilated and integrated within each sentient being now and this Light is spreading outward in all directions to effect the highest outcome for All. Continue, Dear Ones, in your quest for mastery of Self and as this is realized, it will contribute greater good for All. You have around you at all times the Angelic Ones who guide and protect you – trust that you are placed in the right place in Divine timing and that all is well. ..."

Donnerstag, 15. März 2012

Mike Quinsey - SaLuSa, March 14, 2012

Mike Quinsey - SaLuSa, March 14, 2012

„… Dieser schwer fassbare Frieden, den ihr schon seit Äonen angestrebt habt, wird
nun bald bei euch sein, und alle Formen von Aggression werden denen
verweigert werden, die das Göttliche Dekret ignorieren möchten. Seelen, die
immer noch Gedanken dieser Art verfolgen, werden feststellen, dass ihre
Eigenschwingungen von einer Art sind,  die es ihnen nicht erlaubt, in die
höheren Schwingungs-Ebenen der Aufgestiegenen zu gelangen. Denn dort ist
kein Platz für irgendetwas anderes als für das LICHT und die LIEBE, die in den
höheren Dimensionen existieren. Wenn  ihr die Absicht habt, aufzusteigen,
stellt sicher, dass ihr die Lasten loswerdet, die ihr mitgebracht habt. Jedes
Wort, jede Handlung, jede Tat, die von niederer Schwingung ist, werden sich
deplatziert anfühlen, und so solltet ihr fähig sein, sie nach und nach aus eurer
normalen Interaktion mit Anderen zu  beseitigen. Verhaltet euch Anderen
gegenüber so, wie ihr euch das auch von ihnen für euch wünscht, dann werdet
ihr Frieden und Harmonie um euch erzeugen. …“

That elusive peace you sought for eons of time is soon to be yours, and all forms of aggression will also be denied to those who would ignore the Divine Decree. Those souls who still harbor thoughts of this kind, will find that their vibrations are such that they will not be allowed to enter the higher vibrations of the ascended. It is no place for anything other than the Light and Love that exists in the higher dimensions. if you have the intent to ascend, make sure you are clearing the baggage that you have brought with you. Any word, action or deed that is on a lower vibration will feel out of place, so you should be able to gradually remove them from your normal interaction with others. Be to others as you would wish to be done to yourself, and you will create peace and harmony around you.

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Blog von "When it comes to those which are still reluctant and hesitating - these human beings are dwelling in a sort of empty space of self chosen vacuum and it is actually much more difficult to live therein as they live in some minor dimension of being than you do. However by all those dramatic experiences self chosen, created and reflected by human beings in this vacuum space it is possible to wake up suddenly any day since the self-created suffrance daily might open up a new door to living ascension of the soul.
As you know pain and suffrance always may open up a door to higher consciouness."

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"... So befinden sich jedoch die Zaudernden  in einer Art, selbst gewähltem Vakuum, in diesem ist es tatsächlich schwerer zu leben, denn sie befinden sich mehr, in der geringeren- dichten Sein- Ebene, wie ihr es seid! Doch durch die selbst auferlegten Dramen, die in diesem Vakuum von den Menschen erzeugt und gespiegelt werden, ist es tatsächlich möglich, jeden Tag zu erwachen, weil das selbst gewählte Leid, jeden Tag neu, eine Tür, zum lebendigen Seelenaufstieg öffnet!
Wie ihr wisst, öffnet Leid und Schmerz, immer auch ein Tor, zum höheren Bewusstsein! ..."

Montag, 12. März 2012

Peter Alexander - Hier ist ein Mensch

Galactic Federation Of Light Arcturian Group March 11 2012

"... In oneness you do not lose your individuality, but begin to understand that all individuals are within and of the ONE. Many fear losing their individuality as they evolve because this concept has been presented in some teachings and when understood through an third dimensional consciousness, it could be interpreted that way. The truth is that each of you is a vital piece within the whole (Omnipresent Divine Consciousness) much like a jigsaw puzzle with each piece being very important. ..."

Freitag, 9. März 2012

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"... Dies nur, um ein besseres Verständnis untereinander zu fördern und um es euch leichter zu machen, denjenigen eure Liebe zu senden, die euch so machtvoll Vorstehen und denen, die scheinbar noch nicht mal von uns Kenntnis haben! Sendet bitte Liebe und euren Segen, genau an die Personen und in die Bereiche, die euch so vorkommen, als wenn die Dualität sie noch fest im Griff hätte!
Denn so fördert ihr und beschleunigt sogar ihre Umwandlung und ihr forciert den Wandel, sowohl unser aller Zusammenkommen! Denn euer lichtvolles in Absicht gehen, gibt uns, euren galaktischen Freunden, wiederum die Möglichkeit, aus unserem vollem Hilfsprogramm zu schöpfen.  Denn Du tust sehr viel mehr für das Licht, als Dir bewusst ist und Du bist es, dem wir als erstes, auf der Brücke der Begrüßung, die Hände entgegen strecken! ..."

Montag, 5. März 2012

Mike Quinsey - SaLuSa, March 5, 2012

Mike Quinsey - SaLuSa, March 5, 2012

"... You Dear Ones have achieved a most remarkable victory, inasmuch that using the power of thought you have brought the energy into being that has fulfilled them. You have sent out powerful prayers and thoughts calling for an end to the wars that have continually brought countries to their knees. Wars that have killed millions and caused widespread destruction. You let it be known that you have had enough of the violation of Mother Earth, and decimation of the Human Race. With love in your hearts you have caused the changes to come about, and it shows that when you strongly focus on what you want, it is possible to bring about its manifestation. ..."

Sonntag, 4. März 2012

The Medjugorje Web - Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje

The Medjugorje Web - Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje

February 25, 2012 Message to Marija 

"Dear children! At this time, in a special way I call you: 'pray with the heart'. Little children, you speak much and pray little. Read and meditate on Sacred Scripture, and may the words written in it be life for you. I encourage and love you, so that in God you may find your peace and the joy of living. Thank you for having responded to my call."

Botschaft, 25. Februar 2012

„Liebe Kinder! In dieser Zeit rufe ich euch auf besondere Weise: betet mit dem Herzen. Meine lieben Kinder, ihr sprecht viel und betet wenig. Lest, meditiert die Heilige Schrift, und die darin geschriebenen Worte mögen euch Leben sein. Ich ermutige und liebe euch, so dass ihr in Gott euren Frieden und die Freude des Lebens findet. Danke dass ihr meinem Ruf gefolgt seid!“

The Medjugorje Web - Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje

The Medjugorje Web - Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje

March 02, 2012 Message to Mirjana 

"Dear children; Through the immeasurable love of God I am coming among you and I am persistently calling you into the arms of my Son. With a motherly heart I am imploring you, my children, but I am also repeatedly warning you, that concern for those who have not come to know my Son be in the first place for you. Do not permit that by looking at you and your life, they are not overcome by a desire to come to know Him. Pray to the Holy Spirit for my Son to be impressed within you. Pray that you can be apostles of the divine light in this time of darkness and hopelessness. This is a time of your trial. With a rosary in hand and love in the heart set out with me. I am leading you towards Easter in my Son. Pray for those whom my Son has chosen that they can always live through Him and in Him – the High Priest. Thank you."

Freitag, 2. März 2012

Galactic Federation Of Light Melchizedek March 01 2012

"... All that you have endured and overcome has given Humanity a greater opportunity to walk with more ease and grace upon this World, for it is your efforts and constancy to this purpose that has made a decided difference.
You are the miracle makers and Creators, even though you may not see yourselves in that Light. By just being your beautiful Selves, you are gracing this World with a pattern of perfection that is a catalyst to all who are within your radius of activity. There will come a time when all the World is ablaze with the Light that each of you contribute to the whole. ..."

Donnerstag, 1. März 2012

Botschaft von Mutter Maria - Meditation, Channeling

Welch liebevolle Botschaft das wieder ist! Danke, Mutter Maria! Ja, lass uns nur diese Worte leben, erfüllt uns mit dieser Liebe, Ihr Himmlischen! - Danke auch Dir Conny fürs Übermitteln.