Happy New Year and
Millions of Blessings for 2012

My Barbara branch has not bloomed at Christmas, but soon after, and today, at New Year, it has once again set new blossoms. I wish for all of us a year in which blossoms rise through us as we desire in our wildest dreams, blossoms of love, peace, joy about everything, prosperity for all, a new interaction in which we respect each other, respect each other, because we know that we are all one, know that our father, our mother - God flooded us ALL with love, that we are nothing but love. Love is the energy from which the universe is made. The darkness was only there to show us the light, to grow our longing for the light so much that it can now fully shine through. Before time immemorial we have said yes to this game, now we are a major step closer, and all our thoughts, words and actions drive us forward with giant steps. Let us give thanks for this, let us bless the past, it has had its purpose, let us enjoy everything which exists, nature, animals, humans, and let us sail now with the fresh wind of the beginning year with joy to totally new horizons- I thank you all so much that you ARE, that we have the possibility here on the Internet already, to unite worldwide, yet even universe-wide, as our sisters and brothers from the stars, the angels of heaven, Mary and Jesus, seize this opportunity too to share their wisdom and knowledge with us. Thanks also to all of you in the heavenly spheres, tomorrow our connection with you will be even more intense.

Mother Anna, Mary, Jesus, whose love beamed at me in Italy, en route from La Verna to Assisi – Anna Selbdritt (Anna the three self – don’t know the right translation), known as the art of this representation, and thus indicating the importance of Anna, the mother of Mary. Together they have given their yes, to draw us back into the knowledge of God's love.

Dear ones all with whom I share this nice tool Internet, I wish you a very wonderful 2012, full of love, peace, joy, to rise up into your true being. Thank you that you are. The New Year is also the Octave of Christmas, which will again specifically point out that the light and the love of God has become particularly visible for us. THANK YOU!

I embrace you all in the love of these three ones,

Ingrid Maria

For messages about our bright future see: http://www.galacticchannelings.com/ or my favorites on http://www.youtube.com/spiritreneuringrid


Rose of infinity
blossom new in our times!
Clearer are you to the eyes,
Joy is back into the heart,

Sensing, that Thy coming now,
paradigms sets anew.
Love and understanding rise,
Freedom shows his way so bright.

Freedom which from knowledge comes,
that you are the all for all,
Feel you deep inside my heart,
Everything new meaning gets.

Feel you even in my womb
And my heart grows big so big,
Enwrapping one with you in love
Every being, everything.

Eisenstadt, December 9, 16, 2011