Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

Eindringlicher Aufruf aus dem Kornkreis von Andechs

Das wurde ein wenig verändert - Kommentar auf Siegfrieds Seite - aber es ist auch so sehr gut.
  Möchte dazu noch bemerken, dass mir nun, am 16. Oktober, dem Gedenktag der Hl. Hedwig, erst auffiel, dass das auch der Ort ist, an dem sie gewirkt hat. Sicher hat auch sie dazu beigetragen den Boden zu bereiten, dass sich nun wieder ein Tor für Höheres öffnen konnte.

Freitag, 26. Oktober 2012

Galactic Federation Of Light Sheldan Nidle October 23 2012

"... Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive on this day with good news! Our sacred associates have reached the stage where their many projects can finally manifest. But first, dear Hearts, we need to begin to apprise you of some of the truth of your present setup. The dark cabal planned over a decade ago to put in motion a train of events designed to lead to several wars and ultimately a global situation that would permanently enslave you. Then conditions would be introduced to drastically reduce the world's present population to fewer than 600 million. These numbers were to be regulated by means of a series of roving plagues. This horrifying plan has been averted by the activities of our associates since the time of September 11, 2001. Our blessed ones in Heaven came and used their abilities to prevent this horror from fully manifesting. Now you are on the brink of freedom and we are ready to implement events to bring you prosperity and full consciousness.
   Prosperity is a natural state in Heaven and in physicality. Yet, on your world, you have watched the dark use its power to turn this natural state upside down, creating poverty, ignorance and hate all across the globe. These imposed conditions were used to disguise who you are. You grew up in this unnatural, artificial state and, knowing no other, you began to believe that what you saw all around you was natural. Nothing is further from the truth! Life in this universe is hugely abundant and all interrelated. You are part of a magnificent unity-a state that the Creator has graciously spread throughout the many realms comprising physicality. When you ascend, this glorious state of unity becomes the experiential basis from which you think and act. This oneness is a soul-stirring melody that flows through your very cells, birthing a never-ending sense of joy. Joy suffuses you, and becomes the wellspring of other songs that takes your bliss on to ever-greater heights. ..."

Samstag, 20. Oktober 2012

Conny Koppers: Gott schickt seine Engel zu dir

Conny Koppers: Gott schickt seine Engel zu dir: Elke Imle/ Ich grüsse euch und möchte euch heute berichten von der wundervollen Führung durch den heiligen Geist. Wer unter...

Gott schickt seine Engel zu dir

Elke Imle/
Ich grüsse euch und möchte euch heute berichten von der wundervollen Führung durch den heiligen Geist. Wer unter euch sich dem heiligen Geist anvertraut und ihn um Führung bittet, wird ganz sicher geführt und viele Geistwesen werden seine Schritte lenken und über Stock und Stein heben. Ihr werdet über Hindernisse hinweg gehoben, da Gott mit seiner unermesslichen Liebe euch das Leben erleichtern möchte. 

Du hast einige Lektionen zu lernen, das ist wahr, doch viele Lektionen machst du dir selbst zu schwer und verharrst zu lange in ihrer Energie. Du sollst nicht leiden, du sollst erkennen, dass sich alles von Gott zu deinem Wohle entfaltet wird. Gott schickt dir keine Prüfungen, Gott möchte, dass du liebevoll und heiter durch dein Leben gehst. 

Alles, was dich hindert, hast du dir durch deine eigenen Gedanken und Verhaltensweisen, die ihnen entspringen, zugezogen. Gott möchte dich befreien, darum sendet er nun immer mehr Engel zu dir, damit du erkennst, wie wundervoll dein Leben sein kann.

Erzengel Michael

Conny Koppers: Eine neue Erde

Conny Koppers: Eine neue Erde: Seid gegrüsst im Namen der allumfassenden Liebe. Ich möchte euch heute daran erinnern, wie wichtig es ist, dass ihr mit Gott verbunden blei... --- Erzengel Raphael

Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa October 19 2012

"... The Light as ever continues to grow exponentially, and is carrying you forward faster than ever. It will meet its optimum level on the 21st. December 2012 and will trigger the Ascension of Mother Earth and all those souls that are ready to go with her. By then you will have been re-assured about the safety and future of those who take a different path, and all happens as it should according to Universal Law. Put simply it states that no soul can move upwards until they have reached a similar vibration. All are cared for and by the time Ascension comes round, each one will be aware of what is to take place. As a cycle ends there are natural changes, that open up the next phase of your journey that endeavors to take you higher. The opportunities are always there for every soul.
   To some extent life continues as before, but already you see the signs of change that are inevitable. How much suffering occurs depends on your Governments. and how quickly they adopt the new ways that are being offered to them. Military might will not delay the changes, although the Illuminati proposed to use it against us if we attempted disclosure and appeared on your Earth. We can easily deal with such threats but do not wish to create conditions that may rebound upon you. We are all for disclosure as soon as possible but it must be against a peaceful background. However, it may come when you least expect it, as there is more than one country that will back such an announcement. ..."

Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2012

Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa October 17 2012

"... We have much admiration for those Lightworkers who have worked hard at their missions, often without knowing how long they would have to do it. For everyone the end of duality comes ever closer, and they will learn that their hard work has paid off. Their dedication will be rewarded when they learn how much difference they have achieved, and understand how many souls they have helped evolve. After Ascension life will become so much easier, and there will be no conflict or negativity to deal with. If you can imagine what it is like to be with souls of a like kind, you will have some measure of how wonderful it will be. By then you will also have met with your brothers and sisters from the Inner Earth who have long moved into the Light. There will truly be a time of great celebration and naturally we will also be a part of it.
   You may be tiring and anxious to move out of duality, but you should intuitively know if your journey has been completed.  The final days are going to be quite hectic for some of you, who still have karmic issues to finalize. Do what you know to be right as you cannot take anything of the old vibrations with you. It most likely applies to you in a very personal way, and if you are not sure about it try to find those quiet times when you can go within for the answers. You do in fact have all knowledge within, but normally do not remember to use it. Simply make sure that your ego does not get in the way and override your Higher Self, as it acts on behalf of your old self. In time you will of course have no problems with such issues, as you will have acquired a greater level of consciousness. ..."

Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa October 15 2012

"... As we often remind you, the love bond where families or friends are concerned will ensure that there is always a link between them. So do not worry that you face permanent separation when one of you takes a different path. In the higher vibrations you can locate each other by thought, and at some point you will be able to travel anywhere instantaneously. In fact as you rise up there is a tendency to become involved in group activities, and as a group consciousness. Because there are no dark energies at those levels you will understand that every soul you meet has such a great love for every other soul. There is an immediate acceptance, trust and harmony between you all that comes from being at One with All That Is.
   On Earth you often feel that you have to "fight" to establish yourself, and you cannot very easily determine who are your true friends. With rampant greed and corruption all around you it is hard to know who you can trust. That will soon be a thing of the past, and already those of the Light are drawing away from those who are not. It is the Law of Attraction at work and it is a quite natural response, and is why even now you gravitate to people with a very  similar outlook. Indeed, when you have incarnated and agreed to work for the Light, you will very conveniently find your compatriots who have also done the same. You will "feel" more at home with some people rather than others, and that is because you have more in common. Clearly where your life plan is concerned, you are destined to meet certain souls who are also a part of it. That also extends to those who join in marriage, and it has not happened by chance...."

Conny Koppers: Wochenorakel vom 15.-21. Oktober 2012

Conny Koppers: Wochenorakel vom 15.-21. 
Oktober 2012: .

Viel Wasserenergie diese Woche!

Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa October 12 2012

"... Some governments that we have contacted are alive tochanges and ready to co-operate, whilst others are reluctant and try to maintain the old system. The truth is no matter what they do to prevent it, the changes are coming and they will be unable to avoid having to take part. It does not matter what political persuasion is involved, like every other country they will have no alternative but to change. The solutions that we offer to overcome your problems are the only answers that will enable a fairly quick result. They will keep the inconvenience to you down to a minimum, and understanding the necessity for them will ensure the plans are well supported.
   The changes will draw people much more together, and with the cessation of wars will bring a wonderful peace to the Earth. That will also help create trust between the different countries, and the barriers that exist between some of them will come down. Once you get that degree of co-operation the remaining changes will fall into place very quickly. The Arms Industry and all other aspects of military forces will be dismantled, but in time a Peace Force will replace them that will act purely for defensive reasons. At present the military and their bases around the world pose threats that can incite war, and that also will change. In the future no country will have foreign troops on their soil, and people will be left in no doubt that peace is going to be permanent, and upheld by us. ..."