Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2012

Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa July 25 2012

"... Is it not incredible that you are now so close to Ascension, and yet outwardly not a lot seems to have changed. However, nothing is achieved without a lot of planning, and even so as events unfold we are forever making adjustments as the timing is altered. There is so much happening behind the scenes and we must act when we see it is safe to do so. That calls for much patience on your part, as on many occasions we have thought our opportunity to act had arrived only to be thwarted at the last moment. We can take that in our stride as we are prepared for any scenario, and know regardless of what happens that you will reach Ascension, and that it will take place. As we often stress, that Dear Ones is really all that counts and it does not matter which path you take to reach it.
   Stay calm and do not engage in fear laden messages, as there are sources that wish for a catastrophic end to this cycle. In spite of many predictions of that nature, you will find that the last few months will be much calmer than you have been led to believe. Of course Mother Earth is having a hand in the changes and eruptions will cause physical movements that will cause damage, and sometimes injury or death. Much earlier predictions spoke of land masses sinking into the sea, but that possibility has long passed. Simply be aware of your local frailties and if you live on the coastline ascertain how vulnerable you might be to flooding. That way you can judge for yourself what action might be necessary for your safety. ..."

Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa July 23 2012

"... Life and the Laws that cover it are written by God, and no one can act against them without creating karma for themselves. Acts against others are nevertheless to be expected due to the low vibrational level of your dimension, and it happens because of the lack of Light in some souls that have fallen so low. That is the challenge of duality and you took it on quite willingly, knowing that you would be helped to rise up out of it. Now the end is in sight, and soon it will be a time of celebration as your long wait will be over. You will not have any regrets, indeed you will be pleased that you had the opportunity to experience the consequences of having freewill. Your reward is a great leap forward on the way back to the higher dimensions. So please put matters into perspective when you face dark Ones, as they cannot stop your progress to the completion of your journey.
  Support the people who have been brave enough to put themselves in the spotlight to bring you the truth. They do so at some risk to their lives, although we are allowed to protect them if their life plan still has time to go. However, there are occasions when a great soul will make the ultimate sacrifice to help Humanity evolve. Few of you have that in their plan and you have only to look at the impact it makes, as for example John F. Kennedy. They do it because they are wonderful Beings of Light, and know that life is infinite and that death is not the end. They create a great outpouring of love that raises the vibrations upon Earth. You in your own way can do something like it, and many have incarnated to contribute to the overall plan for everyone's upliftment. ..."

Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2012

Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa July 18 2012

"... Now more than ever, it is extremely important how you carry yourself, so try to live up to your highest expectations, and in so doing you will set a good example to other people. Like attracts like and you will find that as you lift up, so others of a similar level will gravitate towards you. Those who are coarse and drawn to things of the lower energies will no longer interest you, and you will find yourself enjoying the finer things in life. For example your taste in music may change as you search for things that give you more pleasure and satisfaction. Fulfilment is no longer found in most of what is presented to you as entertainment, and you are almost certainly going to look for spiritual upliftment. As a reader you are no doubt already seeking it from the enormous number of good authors that are sufficiently illuminated to do so. ..."

Sie schufen Bleibendes -Sonntagsblatt

Sie schufen Bleibendes -Sonntagsblatt

Gusti, seit 1960 hast Du auch mein Leben bereichert! Danke dafür! Damals drang Dein Ruf als Diözesanführerin der KAJ Oberösterreich zu mir, 1963 konnte ich Dich persönlich kennenlernen. Seither haben wir immer wieder schöne Stunden erlebt, in Batschuns, dem Mutterhaus des "Werks der Frohbotschaft", in Graz, wo ich immer mal hinkam, in Bad Sauerbrunn, wo Du ein Wochenende über Fußreflexzonen gehalten hast. Zwischendurch gab's Telefonate. Tausend Dank für Dein Sein mit uns hier. Ich bin überzeugt, Gott hat auch da drüben für Dich genug zu tun. Wie fein, dass Du noch einen schönen, heiteren Urlaub mit Johanna und Rosemarie in Südtirol erlebt hast, Dich dort sogar verabschiedet hast. Morgen werden wir Dir einen umfangreicheren Abschied in Graz geben.

Sheldan Nidle - July 17, 2012

Sheldan Nidle - July 17, 2012

"... Wie ihr sehen könnt, wird viel getan, um eure Welt auf einen immensen Wandel vorzubereiten, der zu dem Ereignis eurer Rückkehr ins vollständige Bewusstsein führt. Auf dem Weg dahin wird es die Enthüllungen und zahlreiche Bekanntmachungen geben, die eure Welt, wie ihr sie bisher kennt, in kühner Weise verändern werden. Auch wir freuen uns darauf, unseren göttlichen Dienst in offenerer Weise aufnehmen zu können, denn wir haben euch eine Menge an heiligen Informationen mitzuteilen. Unser Dienst an euch wird mit umfangreichen Unterrichtungen beginnen, die euch für euer vollständiges Bewusstsein bereit machen und eine Serie von Heilungsvorgängen einschließen, die die immense Macht demonstrieren, mit der der Schöpfer euch ausgestattet hat. Vollständiges Bewusstsein geht einher mit heiligen Verantwortungen, die ihr allmählich begreifen und schätzen werdet. Ein Jeder unter euch besitzt ein beinah grenzenloses Potential, das jetzt im Begriff ist, sich in euch zu manifestieren!
   Wir haben euch heute eine weitere Botschaft übermittelt. Diese Worte markieren den Beginn einer Serie von Ereignissen, die bald bei euch sein werden. Wir heißen alles willkommen, was der Schöpfer für uns verfügt hat! Die Zeit naht, dass unsere Präsenz bekannt gemacht wird und dass erstaunliche Ereignisse sich manifestieren, die rasch in eure Rückkehr zum vollständigen Bewusstsein führen! Wisst, ihr Lieben, dass der unzählige Vorrat und nie endende Wohlstand des Himmels in der Tat Euch gehört! So Sei Es! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirianisch: Seid Eins! Freut Euch!) ..."

Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2012

Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa July 16 2012

"... The issues that are presently expressed through religion, will need a complete re-assessment if you are ever to progress. On the one hand you do not necessarily need teachers as all knowledge is within, but because you have not been given the truth it will help to guide you onto the correct path. As it stands you are getting nowhere fast, and still bound by inaccuracies and absolute falsehoods. There are many decent and loving souls within the churches, and their true potential will not be released until they can break away from religious controls. Your time and energy will be better used furthering your own understanding. This is not to infer that all religious teachings are unhelpful, but they are confusing and misleading compared to the truth. You have freewill choice and it will be up to you to decide how your future development proceeds.

We come to you for many reasons and we make a point of informing you that we are all One. We may be from quite different civilisations and in some respects appear different to you, but like you we are experiencing life as you also do for your spiritual evolution. At a higher level there is no difference at all as we come from the same Source, but have simply elected to follow different paths. Like myself as a Sirian, quite a few of the Galactic Federation of Light members are directly linked with you, as you came to Earth from their civilisations to be of service. You will find that "service to others" are the key words once you move out of duality into the higher dimensions. We are One in all we do, not just for the millions upon millions of souls in the Universe, but for all life including the planets, as they also have a high level of consciousness. It is not without reason that you talk of the Earth as Mother Earth, and when you understand her role pay her due respect and gratitude for what she does for you. ..."

Samstag, 7. Juli 2012

Mike Quinsey - SaLuSa, July 6, 2012

Mike Quinsey - SaLuSa, July 6, 2012

"... We might give hints at when a major event is about to occur, but we have learnt that Humans are prone to take them as certainties, hence the uproar when they do not happen. Plus we cannot always tell you the reasons for delays, and we do have to be prepared to change course at short notice as circumstances necessitate. All that you really need to know is that come what may, we will keep our promises to you. We realise that your patience has worn thin, and we can understand it as you have quite rightly expected action by now based on what you were told some time ago. However, we reiterate all proceeds well and in the end we do not anticipate any lasting problems. In any event we are ready for all possible permutations of what is needed to bring you safely through the remaining period to Ascension.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that the mere mention of arresting top members of the cabal brought about a new feeling of hope. After all conditions on the Earth were deteriorating quickly and heading for a complete collapse of your civilization. You re-acted positively to the good news and it gave you a lift knowing that those responsible for your circumstances were going to be removed - and so it is. ..."

Dienstag, 3. Juli 2012

Seefestspiele Mörbisch - die Fledermaus 

Das beste Geschenk des Himmels – ist das glückliche Talent zur Begeisterung!
(Friedrich Schiller)
 Prof. Harald Serafin hatte dieses Talent im Höchstmaß. Die letzten 20 Jahre steigerten die Beliebtheit der Seefestspiele ständig, Mörbisch wurde tatsächlich ein "Mekka der Operette". Von 1200 Besuchern beim ersten "Zigeunerbaron" wurde eine jährliche Zahl von 200.000! Serafin darf sich mit gutem Gewissen zurückziehen.
  Kammersängerin Dagmar Schellenberger wird die Intendanz nun übernehmen.
  Am 12. Juli lädt Mörbisch zur Premiere ein, und bis 25. August ist Chance das Spiel am See zu besuchen.

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Alexandra Reinprecht - Rosalinde, Harald Serafin und Daniela Fally - Adele