Montag, 27. August 2012

Christine Gräfin Esterhazy - Höre ich Zigeunergeigen 2003

Christine Gräfin Esterházy - habe gerade dieses Video von ihr entdeckt, und möchte es mit Euch teilen! -- Danke Christine für Dein Singen, es ist immer wieder eine Freude, Dich zu hören -- und zu sehen auch!

Donnerstag, 23. August 2012

Einladung an die Galaktische Föderation uns zu helfen

Einladung an die Galaktische Föderation uns zu helfen

" ... Was wir tun werden ist nur eins. Sende diesen Gedanken oder einen ähnlichen aus, in Deinen eigenen Worten:

"Liebe Mitglieder der Galaktischen Föderation des Lichts und all die höheren Wesen, die uns gerne helfen möchten, aber es nicht können aufgrund bestimmter universeller Gesetze. Bitte helft uns. Wir laden euch dazu ein! Im Namen meiner selbst als ein selbstbestimmter (souveräner) Mensch, der auf dem Planeten Erde lebt, bitte ich Euch herunterzukommen (zu landen) und uns zu helfen. Wir wissen, dass ihr uns schon seit vielen Zeitaltern überwacht und besucht. Wir wissen, dass ihr über Technologie verfügt, die unsere größten Probleme wie Hunger, Umweltverschmutzung und Kriege in einem Augenblick lösen könnte. Doch ihr habt euch begrenzt gefühlt, uns offen zu helfen aufgrund universeller Gesetze und unseren "offiziellen" Repräsentanten, unseren korrupten Regierungen, die eure dargebotene Hilfe jedesmal ausgeschlagen haben. Heute sagen wir: Genug! Diese korrupten Regierungen repräsentieren NICHT uns! Wir repräsentieren uns selbst und wir bitten euch, uns zu helfen. Es hat genug Leid auf diesem Planeten gegeben, wir wollen, dass es aufhört! Bitte kommt und helft uns. Wir werden euch mit offenen Armen und liebenden Herzen willkommen heißen.' ..."

Das ist alles, was du tun musst.

Mittwoch, 22. August 2012

Galactic Federation Of Light Sheldan Nidle August 21 2012

"...    In accordance with these plans we have assembled a means by which our sacred associates can begin to introduce our teachings to your world. We intend to provide a great deal of information that will end the many lies and misinformation you have been given concerning the teachings of the great souls whom all of you honor with your prayers and blessings each day. It is essential that you begin to understand the truth about what each of us taught you long ago. This knowledge, which we will be able to give you personally now, will prepare for your final steps to full consciousness and allow you to see your spiritual and space families in a new light. You will become true disciples of the great messages given to us by AEON and the divine throne of the Creator! ..."

Dienstag, 21. August 2012

Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa August 20 2012

"... With your Ascension approaching very quickly bear in mind that it is not dependant on the physical changes taking place on Earth, but there are essential steps to be taken if Mother Earth is to be ready for her own Ascension. Ascension is ongoing and cannot be prevented from taking place, it is a process of Galactic proportions in which you nevertheless have an important role. Once you move forward everything else can also do the same, and you can look at it this way as the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle to make it complete. It is why Space Beings from all over the Universe assemble to witness your Ascension. ..."

Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa August 15 2012

"... As you absorb more Light so you will find that your level of consciousness is growing. At a physical level you may feel at times as though you are walking upon air, even bouts of dizziness. That will pass and you will be truly aware of a greater peace within and be so assured about your future, that you will stand out as one who is glowing with love. Emotions will be calm and easily controlled, but you will experience a deep feeling of happiness and joy just to be on Earth at such a momentous time. It is also the subconscious realization that you have at last lifted up out of duality, and that it can no longer have any hold over you. You have reached your goal and won the battle to come through it all with your Light shining bright.
  Think big and think Ascension, as it is the most fantastic experience that you will have and you will remember every second of it. Every soul has the same opportunity to lift up, so please do not worry about those around you who seem disinterested. They will yet have a final chance to ascend and you cannot know exactly what might awaken them. Either way they will follow a course that is right for them, and they will continue to have life experiences that keep them on the path of evolution. Help people by all means when you have an opportunity to do so, but do not force your beliefs upon them because as helpful as they may seem, you may do more harm than good. Souls grow at different rates of progress, and no two of you are exactly the same. Leave them to find their own path, and know that they have Guides as you do who work with them in that respect. ..."

Mittwoch, 15. August 2012

Galactic Federation Of Light Sheldan Nidle August 14 2012

"... Those who are in divine service on this world will soon make the announcements informing you about the surprising events taking place. Our associates deeply desire that you also begin to learn about your true history and the sacred universal principles that have been doctored or excluded from your major religions by the Anunnaki and their dark minions. This information can give you an understanding of the importance of disclosure and the ways of the Light; indeed, it is more properly a process in which you 'remember' and begin to personify long-forgotten sacred precepts. We wish to walk among you, and take those fragments of wisdom you now possess and greatly expand upon their meaning and significance for your societies and for you. With this, you can begin to grasp the true wonder of the journey you have undertaken, and the implications for each one of you.
   Great transformation lies ahead for you, in which you will be presented with truly huge amounts of startling and also sacred knowledge. But most importantly, you will be returned to your former grandeur, which means that you can fully participate in the blessed activities of Heaven. A new rhythm is to be introduced. A new harmonic and a new spiritual vision will affect how you perceive your divine service to physicality and to Heaven. These guiding principles will become your lodestar as you use your true sovereignty to engage with the magnificent unity that is all life in the universe! You will be wonderfully set up to contribute uniquely to the magnificent unfolding of the Creator's vision, thereby also adding to your own expansion of energies and wisdom as you engage in exploring the infinite marvels of life throughout physicality. ..."

Mittwoch, 8. August 2012

Danke für diesen guten Morgen Bild Video

Ich wünsche Euch allen von Herzen, dass Ihr für ALLES, was an Euch herankommt, danken könnt. Alles ist zu unserem Weiterkommen, und zum Aufstieg des gesamten Universums, ALLES, auch wenn wir das nicht immer gleich erkennen. Dieses Lied begleitet mich seit meiner Jugendzeit. Ich habe es mir nun auch wieder ganz fest in Erinnerung gerufen.

Sheldan Nidle - August 7, 2012

Sheldan Nidle - August 7, 2012

"... Disclosure is moving forward. Our Earth allies are busy preparing for the ouster of the many de facto Earth governments. A broad web of infamy encircles your globe, and the unholy policies perpetrated each day by these 'legitimate' governments cry out to be terminated. This 'legitimacy' is contingent upon control by various forms of chaos, and by stoking the levels of social and religious schism. This sorry rigmarole will be put to flight once the Light rightfully disposes of these barely legal governments. Our role in these events is to support and reinforce whatever actions are formally promulgated. Our personnel on the ground have been providing detailed information on how different regions react to what the dark is doing. The dark are throwing up ways to discourage civil resistance and our Earth allies are busy countering these moves. Freedom and liberty have long come at a price on your world, and now it is time to sweep away these stifling conditions and bring in joy and growth and exuberance. ..."

Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa August 06 2012

"... Also in the future money will not have as much importance as it has done in the past. It will be fairly distributed, and the system of heavy taxes will be vastly altered so that what you earn is only taxed once. Furthermore with free energy that is to be used in many ways to provide your needs, your outgoings will be much less than they are now. The ultimate situation will ensure that all of the energy needed for your heating, lighting, water and cooking will be free, as will a form of public transport. Eventually petroleum based products will no longer be used or required. Clean and economical energy will be available to everyone, thus removing the source of much pollution upon your planet.
   You are getting used to the idea of major changes in your society, and these will not cause the disruption you might imagine. The plans have been very carefully laid out and speed is the essence of everything we are about to do. We know some of you are concerned that we do not have sufficient time to carry out our work, but be assured we are well prepared for any type of situation. The groundwork has already been done, and obstacles such as planning permission or other forms of delay you normally experience, will not interfere with our intentions...."