Donnerstag, 13. September 2012

Engel der Liebe - Vom Annehmen und Akzeptieren

Danke, Danie!

Reza Ketabi Pour - Heilarbeit

WORKSHOP in Sinabelkirchen

"Geistige Operationen mit aktiver Heilarbeit"

SAMSTAG: 15. Sept. 2012

09.00 - 13.00 Uhr / Kosten.€65,00

Pfarrsaal in 8261 Sinabelkirchen 1

ANMELDUNG: Christine Kaiser 0664/4321454

Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa September 12 2012

"The fact that much is happening in your world has not gone unnoticed, and for those who are just awakening to it, it seems that chaos reigns. Your traditional trusted institutions such as your banks are being seen for what they really are, but as yet the answers to their problems have not surfaced. However, the plans to cover such an eventuality as their collapse have been formulated. As with much of our allies work, it is ready to be implemented and waiting the right opportunity to be introduced. The old corrupt system will not be retained, and the new one is receiving support for the far reaching changes that it will bring.
  The need for governmental changes is being accepted, so that your new representatives put your needs first and foremost. Instead the serving of self has grown to endemic proportions, and financial control and accountability is practically non-existent. On a larger scale your money is siphoned off to fund black operations that have not been authorized by your government, and are often directed at you the people they should be serving. These situations have been going on unchecked for far too long, and with our allies who have our help we have made it clear we are going to put a stop to them. So you see Dear Ones that we are working towards bringing about the changes needed.
  What you are beginning to become aware of is the vast opportunities presented by the use of free energy. Naturally the Oil Industry fights against their introduction, but it is the way forward and progress cannot be stopped. In time none of the old polluting fuels will be used, and everyone will benefit from clean and efficient methods, that most importantly will include new means of transportation. For those presently employed in those industries we must tell you that your future will be secure. By that time everyone will have benefitted from the new financial systems, and the re-distribution of wealth will ensure that the loss of jobs will not affect your position ..."

Montag, 10. September 2012

CD 2012 "Mysterium der Heilung - Reza Ketabi Pour"

Reza Ketabi Pur - ich habe ihn Euch schon vorgestellt. Nun ist er auch auf You Tube vertreten. Ein Mensch, der Heilkräfte geschenkt bekommen hat, um uns alle daran zu erinnern, dass diese auch in uns sind.

Sonntag, 2. September 2012

Friede - Liebe - Harmonie: Märchen

Friede - Liebe - Harmonie: Märchen: DAS WIEDERGEFUNDENE WESEN (Ingrid Maria Linhart) Es war einmal ein Riese, der lebte auf einer Zauberinsel. Alles war dort möglich, alles ko...

Ich merkte gerade, wie aktuell mein Märchen ist, das ich 1994 geschrieben habe!! Viel Freude und Inspiration beim Lesen!

Ich bin das Licht (die kleine Seele spricht mit Gott)

Ich will das wieder mal hier posten. Es ist jetzt soviel von Reinigung, Vergebung die Rede. Diese Geschichte und diese Sicht ist alles, was ich brauche, und ich konzentriere mich damit auf das, was ich in Zukunft WILL, nicht auf das, was  in meinem Leben NICHT so schön war.

Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa August 31 2012

"... Dear Ones we are very busy overseeing our allies activities, and the more we work together the more success we are achieving. After Ascension our relationship with you will become even more personal, and you will quickly become Star Beings as you were eons of time ago. For that reason you will take to it very easily and feel at home with what you will be doing. It will all be very purposeful and aimed at bringing you fully into your new lives. How nice it will be for you to know that everyone you meet will be trustworthy and sincere in their activities. Honesty will be taken for granted, as in the higher dimensions there is no place for anything less.
   So hold on for while longer as whatever your problems whether they be physical or otherwise they will be solved. We know that many suffer the physical ills associated with life on Earth, but rest easy in the knowledge that all of them will be put right. There is absolutely nothing that cannot be remedied though our healing methods, and as a Being of energy you will find that sound and colours are very central to them. Crystals are also very much involved and can be used in ways that create the most powerful energies for transformation and cures. In fact crystals will play a very big part in your lives in future. These concepts are by no means new to you, as many of you were in Atlantis in the periods that they were widely used. ..."