Dienstag, 25. Juni 2013

WE ARE ONE - Ronit Shefi

Jerusalem wurde wieder umarmt! Danke Euch allen! *** The Jerusalem Hug was again. Thanks to all of you!

Eliyahu McLean: Seventh annual Jerusalem Hug event was a success yesterday. Opening circle next to Old City walls, between New and Damascus Gates: healing meditations led by shamans from Mexico and Japan, blessings by Dvora Pearlman, Rabbi Shaul Yitkavitch, Sheikh Muhammad Usta, Syrian Orthodox father Abuna Moshe, Haj Ibrahim Abuelhawa, Rabbi Yaakov Nagen of Otneil yeshiva and more. We stretched in a human chain for a silent prayer, went up to 'Hug' the walls then led by Eyal Davidov's drums weaved along walls to Damascus Gate. There friends from Hebron and Balata camp spoke and I led a chant "Allah-hu Akbar, HaShalom Yenatzeach" (in memory of Rabbi Froman), with music and prayers with local Palestinians and Israeli police and soldiers looking on. We closed with a drum circle led by Eyal at top of Old City walls and healing music circle with Palestinians from Hebron, Bethlehem, and Ramallah dancing with Israelis and international friends...
Eva Ariela LindbergThe Jerusalem hug was great yesterday, with talks by religious leaders and Eliyahu McLean, sharing circles, peace walk and circle of peace songs at the Damascus Gate, then Kind David Peace drums with Davidoff Eyal with Christians, Arabs and Jews opposite the Jerusalem Municipality and near Jaffo Gate. Ending with lovely songs from Shimon Lev Tahor and Ronit Shefi, dancing and other singers sharings songs of hope...tourists walking to the old city, stopped by too....thank you Rob Schrama and Dvora Pearlman for doing it all these years, and for all the hard work of our 2 Chaims :) 

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