Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012

Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa June 08 2012

"... We note that your weather patterns are being affected by the changes of energy upon Earth. That too will eventually settle down and ultimately it will be more stable, pleasant and comfortable. We would also add that physical changes will be much less damaging than was once considered to be likely. You can take some credit for this situation as you have lifted the vibrations upon Earth and it has brought about a more balanced ecosystem. It will continue to improve until you have the ideal balance that suits everyone and also other forms of life. In fact in the future there will be little if any variation, and changes will be controlled automatically.
   Although your computer knowledge has advanced very quickly in some ways it is still in its infancy, but will progress in leaps and bounds once you can work with us. By now many will know that our systems involve organic computers with truly a mind of their own, that surpass any individual ability and are capable of running our ships in every respect. As you are finding out our technology is thousands of years ahead of yours, but we will be pleased to share it with you. That is a feature of the members of the Galactic Federation inasmuch that sharing of knowledge is commonplace, and it is not held back to gain an advantage over another one. On Earth you are used to holding onto information and even stealing it from each other to gain power. ..."

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